STUARTIST: Company founder and artist.

The vision is entered into a process, building layer upon layer, distorting and playing with the forms to display a dynamic interpretation”

A professional multi disciplined creative, born in Bow, London, 1962. Stuartist aims to provide a marketing platform for talented creatives who otherwise struggle to gain recognition and exposure of their work. The main objective is, “to view the world anew, and apply natural curiosities with a fresh approach to design and creativity”.

Inspired by the work of the Bauhaus, Stuartist is a visionary expressionist with abstract tendencies and conceptual ideals, focussing on the built and natural environments, and human interaction, applying a futuristic approach, and the realization of his visions.

An art tutor, creative consultant, former gallery owner, architect, designer and artist, who uses a variety of mediums, techniques and applications to create his artwork. He applies himself both formally and informally, experimenting, exploring the properties of materials, and combining: Colour, Form, Texture, Light, Space and Contrast, in both two and three dimensions. He adopts a technical and theoretical approach, applying structure, scale, proportion and perspective to create his artwork.

Motivated by his drawing skills and technical approach, his work is contemporary, and often described as, “Conceptual Realism With Attention To Detail”, combined with a structured process of layering, time, sequence and movement; just like adding elements and components to a building’s foundations to form the end product.

Distorting and playing with forms, displaying dynamic impact”

“ The vision and the journey through the artist’s mind ”