All of our consultancy services are subject to an initial consultation fee and service charge(s). These charges are calculated depending on which service(s) are applicable to you.

At STUARTIST, we are committed to you the customer to satisfy your art needs and provide a personal approach to tailoring your specific requirements.

1. We offer advice on your Art purchase.

After establishing your specific art needs, we can offer you assistance and advise you on making your art purchase from our Primary Art and Secondary Art collections if required.

2. We provide a personal delivery and Art installation package.

This service includes delivery of goods to your chosen destination, supply of appropriate fittings and placement of artwork by us. The cost of this service is subject to site feasibility, logistics and the level of work required to install. Available for UK locations only.

3. Acquisitions and valuations.

3i. Are you a collector who is looking to expand your Art collection? We can advise you on which art is currently trending or source the art that you are looking for and acquire it for you as required. This service is subject to a non refundable advance payment which is negotiable.

3ii. Do you or someone you know have Artwork for sale? We negotiate an appropriate value for the artwork then purchase it from you. This service is subject to current market values and saleability of your artwork.

4. Consignment sales.

After an initial consultation, we will market and sell your artwork for you so as to ease the pressure of finding a buyer and negotiating a sale. The cost of this service is an advance payment based on an agreed timescale which is to be negotiated between you the owner and us the sellers. A sellers commission of 18% is applicable and non-negotiable, it is deducted from the final sale price and payable to us as and when the artwork is sold. This service is subject to a no guarantee of sale policy.

5. How is your Art purchase going to look in your property?

Our Interior design team can determine and show you how the Artwork will appear in situ prior to making your purchase.

6. Secondary Art.

We offer an artwork refurbishment service to support our secondary art items. If you would like us to repair any defects as described by us, we can apply any additional work as requested by you. This service is charged with an upfront and non refundable payment. Initially we will offer you a quotation based on the extent of any remedial work as requested by you.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our services quoting the service number you require.