Why Do We buy Art?

So let us consider our reasons for buying art and photography.

How does it make us feel? Is it a reference to memories, and an impression or reality of the things that we enjoy most?
Does it fill a physical space that requires visual impact? Does it represent an emotional response to colours, shapes, scale and spaces?
Is it the composition and specific subject matter that appeals to us? Is it that we just enjoy the visual impact?

Art can trigger our emotions and be a constant visual reminder that can evoke positive feelings or memories.
It can offer peaceful moments of relaxation and is always open to our own interpretations.
We can create our own story behind the art and enjoy the infinite possibilities that inspire our imagination.
Having a visual reference will promote mental stimulation, and provide us with an emotive response that is triggered by our choice of art.
It can also expose our personality and express this to others as a focal point.

There are no limits as to how we interpret art, and our reasons for owning it.
It is down to our personal preferences as to why we have made our choice when buying art.

Art is a visual experience for us all to appreciate and enjoy, it does not always add asset value.