Secondary Art

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At STUARTIST we take careful consideration when purchasing our secondary artwork. The artwork is offered for sale in its current and original condition as purchased by us, this is to preserve its original integrity as far as possible. Due to the nature of how our secondary art has been stored, handled and obtained by previous owners, you the buyer accepts that the current condition as described by us, is due to natural wear, tear and an ageing process over time. The majority of our secondary art is framed, therefore the condition is generally subject to frame and mount defects or minor external damage. In the case of open canvasses, they may be subject to minor scuffs or slight discoloration. In all cases, the actual artworks are clean, clear and of good quality and condition. You the buyer takes sole responsibility for your secondary art purchase. If you are unsure at point of purchase, please contact us first with any queries.

We have a collection of artworks and limited prints by recognised artists including Edvard Munch, Fabian Perez and Banksy.