Roy Arscott

Roy Arscott: Photographer and dream chaser.

Roy was born in Liverpool in 1966 and studied photography at The City of Liverpool College where he was influenced by photographers such as Ansel Adams. He served with the  1st Royal Tank Regiment . Roy was diagnosed with having Aspergers  which gave him an understanding for why he was so passionate about studying detail and taking photographs.

Roy’s photography shows us how to look at our world from a different perspective and to consider nature deeply.

Photographing that moment in time and space has led Roy to produce images that show an instant that we may not normally notice in our everyday surroundings. A time that can produce wonder and inspiration . Roy always has his camera to hand to capture that split second for us all to appreciate.

Roy enjoys skydiving and climbing and reached the summit of the Matterhorn. At present he is restoring a classic Chevrolet van.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur.